What is my freak flag?

As a child, I had an esoteric spiritual upbringing. My father was an outspoken atheist. While she was a Christian, my mother didn’t attend church. This behavior would make our neighbors concerned about her children’s souls. So they frequently offered to take us to church. My mother eagerly accepted any and all offers, which gave her a few hours with a few less children. So I went to a wide variety of Christian Churches, from Catholic to Methodist to Episcopalian to Pentecostal to Baptist. As a kid, I enjoyed bible classes. I loved the churches, which passed out little glasses of grape juice during the service. Wasn’t as thrilled with the dried up bread served with it. Sadly our neighbors worst fears proved true, I am an agnostic.

A much greater influence on my adult spiritual life was my maternal grandmother. She read the writings of Edgar Cayce, strongly believed in reincarnation,  and followed astrology. She introduced me to astrology and I have been a life long student of astrology.

Not that astrology has given me a lot of spiritual depth. It is a form of navel gazing for me. I used it to better understand myself and those closest to me. And despite having read dozens of astrology books over the decades and attending the occasional astrology class, I would never claim to be an astrologer. I am still the passionate amateur, reading and learning.

I had an aha moment regarding my Uranus in Leo in my first house. Uranus is one generational planets in astrology.Uranus is symbolizes revolution, innovation, and other galvanizing moments.  So everyone in my generation (from 1956 to 1962) has Uranus in Leo. How it impacts an individual depends on where it appear in your individual chart. It is your inner revolutionary. I have Uranus in Leo in my first house. The first house represents your self, identity, physical body, personality and the face that your present to the world. Now conventional astrology books would say that this means that the world could see me as a trailblazer or a weirdo with a strange appearance. Neither really applies.   With Uranus in Leo in my first house, I proudly wave my freak flag. By freak flag,  I show the world the parts of me that most people would hide.  I embrace my individuality.

So with this blog, I intend to wave my freak flag.

2 thoughts on “What is my freak flag?

  1. We were all freaks in the 60s and 70s. Everyone thinks they are weird or different and everyone is right! Thank goodness everyone is different! Celebrate your difference!


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