Sizzling Hot, Burn Down the Night

Erotica is a difficult genre for me. While I love the concept of female focused erotica and have loved sex scenes in romance novels ever since I read The Flower and the Flame as a thrilled thirteen year old, too many erotica novels focus on sex over plot and characterization. Even when written well, many times the sex scenes are just not to my taste. Up to this point, only one erotic author was a must buy for me, Cherrie Lynn. But now I have two. M. O’Keefe delivers a hot, suspenseful novel with great characters.

Burn Down the Night sizzles. The heroine is a former stripper, desperate to save her little sister from a cult. When her attempt to intimidate the drug dealing cult leader into surrendering her sister dissolves into complete chaos, she ends up fleeing the scene with the wounded leader of the motorcycle club. Joan is no quitter. She knows the cult leader uses the motorcycle club to distribute his drugs. So she kidnaps Max Daniels, president of the Skulls MC. She plans to use Max to get to the cult leader. Max is determined to escape the crazy woman, who fire bombed a car and set his strip joint on fire.

The sex is sizzling. But there is also emotional connection in the scenes. Sex is intimate and personal. It is not a performance. There is no shame.

The story has meat. There is a strong theme involving family connections. The plot involving rescuing the little sister from the cult is suspenseful. The development of the characters of Joan and Max is believable and heartfelt. Burn Down The Night is erotica at its best.

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