Wait for It by M. O’Keefe


In the previous books in this  erotic romance series, Tiffany Edwards was introduced as a young mother with three children and an abusive husband. In this novel, she has managed to get away from her abusive husband. It was done at the expense of her pride. She took a bribe from her brother-in-law by agreeing to never contact her husband’s family.

When her abusive husband locates her new apartment, she and her children must flee in the night. Her only hope is her former trailer park neighbor, Annie. At Annie’s home, she runs into the condemning, controlling Blake Daniel, her brother-in-law.

This novel is a departure from the previous novels in this book. In those books, there was an emphasis on the erotic. In this novel, there is an emphasis on the romance. Which is perfect. Tiffany has been emotionally, physically, and financially abused. It is critical that she regain her personal power.

This book is plenty hot. There is chemistry between the heroine and hero.  But the relationship building between Tiffany and Blake took center stage. It was a wonderful romance.


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