Wed to a Spy by Sharon Cullen

Simon Marcheford is loyal to Queen Elizabeth. Despite his desire to retire to his estates with his younger sister, he does one last mission for his Queen. His mission leads him to the court of the Scottish Queen Mary. Where Queen Mary forces him to marry and spy on the beautiful French woman, Aimee. Aimee is a most reluctant and inept spy. But in order to marry her true love, she must spy on the pregnant Scottish Queen. Forced to marry Simon, she is barely adjusting to marriage when assassination and a palace coup forces her to depend on him to save her life.

This is a well written enjoyable historical romance. It is nice to read about the Scottish Court of the ill-fated Queen Mary.  here is plenty of sizzle between Simon and Aimee. Moreover, there isn’t any silly, contrived differences between the couple. They are involved in the deadly dance of espionage played by the kings and queens of Europe. wedtospy

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