Ironbound by Mel Sterling

It is hard for me to resist any story involving the fae. The first book in this series, Trueblood was good. This book was superlative.  It had everything I could want in a  fantasy book. The author creates a colorful world in the fae live in hiding in Portland.  In addition to a rousing, good adventure story, there  is a sexy, satisfying romance.

As with any good story involving the fae, there is a power struggle. The dark, foreboding Hunter has rebelled against the queen of fairies. He has to lead a pack of followers out of the queen’s domain. But he must find shelter and food for his followers.

Hunter finds help from an unexpected source. Dove, a human,  was captured by one of the Unseelie following the Hunter. While Hunter saved her from rape and murder, he still keeps her prisoner. But Dove’s skills as a blacksmith might enable her to win her freedom.

But negotiating with the fae takes skill. Humans seldom succeed.  This was amply demonstrated in the first book in this series, Trueheart. The heroine of Trueheart appears in this story.  Tess is now birch girl. She is in danger of becoming a tree and going into dormancy for the winter. Trying to cling to her humanity, she and her lover, Thomas, also must negotiate with Hunter for a chance to regain their humanity. Hunter plans to use Dove, Thomas, and Tess in his fight against the Unseelie Queen.

But the Unseelie Queen is already hunting them. Her reach is much longer than any of them know. And the queen is not hesitant to attack the most vulnerable, the humans first.

Loved this book. I highly recommend the series.



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