Facebook and its Dirty, Dirty Practice of Allowing Right Wing Lies and Hate Speech

I have been off Facebook for a week. In mid-July, my page will disappear. While I miss the daily contact with friends and authors, I do not miss Facebook. I made the decision to leave Facebook after Facebook censored me for a second time for using the term, “white people.” Facebook determined it was hate speech. At the same time, Facebook allows right wing pages and groups to spread hate and misinformation. I cannot in good conscience support Facebook. Below is an article on one right wing outlet that is spreading hate and misinformation. Far from being censored, Ben Shapiro is a relationship with Mark Zuckerberg. Here is an article on the right wing hate allowed to flourish on Facebook. https://popular.info/p/the-dirty-secret-behind-ben-shapiros?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=cta

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