The Rogue by Meredith Allen Conner

 Pia has been raised by the Order, a villanous group who want to use her elemental power. But despite experiments, abuse and torture, this elemental power has never appeared. Now on the run from the Order, Pia is on her own. She doesn’t dare find her long-lost sisters, who have themselves been hunted by the Order. But the Order isn’t the only predator following her.

This fourth and last book in The Elementals series was one of my favorites in the series. It didn’t have the laugh out humor of the first book, but it had a provocative romance. Full of action, this book brought the series to a satisfying conclusion. Pia is on a path of self discovery.  She has more power than she knows.   But she cannot take on the Order alone. She must learn to trust and rely on other people, including some scary werewolves.


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